The year is 1400. You are Abelard Lavel, sworn knight of King Charles VI the Beloved.
You live in Paris in a family residence not far from the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. Ever since you were a child, you’ve had strange prophetic dreams of scenes of violent crimes past or yet to come. You realized early on that you could use such an unusual gift for good, and you began solving cases that no one else could untangle. Because of this, you gained an excellent reputation in the city, and now the inhabitants come looking for your help with every mysterious crime committed.Allies may disappear, betray or even be killed!

You are Victor Lavel, a young and ambitious journalist working for the newspaper “Les Nouvelles de Paris”. It is the year 1900, at the height of the Belle Époque, and Paris is in flux. There
There is so much news to write about! The Exposition Universelle, the Summer Olympics, the inauguration of the first metro station! But being a Lavel, a family known since the Middle Ages as adept at solving crimes, you’re much more interested in murders, kidnappings, and thefts. Having an uncle who is a police commissioner helps you to be among the first to hear about them, and often, thanks to your acumen, you manage to be the first to find the culprit.

It’s the year 2400. You’re Kalia Lavel and you’ve always dreamed of fighting crime like your famous ancestors, so you joined the elite BelCor Corps. They made you a super-trained cyber-agent, but you soon realized that your bosses cared more about their own gain than the justice of the citizens. You gave back your badge and now live in a dark studio apartment in a bad area, after almost all of your cybernetic implants were removed. But it doesn’t matter, because now you can fi nally do what a Lavel is meant to do: solve crimes and help those who can’t count on anyone else in this unforgiving world.

This expansion for Chronicles of Crime The Millennium Series contains 4 new scenarios:

  • La Ricerca della Conoscenza (1400);
  • La Pillola Amara (1900);
  • Il Sogno Senza Fine (2400);
  • Una Questione di Tempo (1400 + 1900 + 2400).

The Queen has requested a new Palace, an architectural Wonder that will show the whole world her greatness and make her name immortal. Will you prove to be the best without betraying your Queen by becoming Chief Architect of the Kingdom, or will you succumb to the temptations of the god Sobek and end up in the jaws of Cleopatra’s favorite pet?

Catapult to the 17th century Caribbean and increase your influence in the three great states of France, England, and Spain during your four turns! Embark to trade and assault your enemies or follow the adventure mode guided by the game’s many cards!

In Watergate, one player plays the role of Newspaper Editor, while the other plays the role of the Nixon Administration, each with their own set of cards. In order to win, the Nixon Administration must accumulate enough consensus to make it to the end of its term, while the Editor must collect enough evidence to link two whistleblowers directly to the President. Logically, the Nixon Administration will do anything to cover up that evidence. Can the anonymous source, known as “Deep Throat,” tip the balance? An electrifying race against time is about to begin….

Cooper is a very smart dog and he is the first to spot the island that will take his name: Cooper Island. In the game you’ll have to explore and colonize this natural paradise that will become your new home. By placing tiles and workers, you’ll get resources that will be used to build buildings with special abilities, you’ll remove barriers to expand your range of action on the island and, thanks to supplies from the old world, you’ll erect statues of great value, thus becoming successful settlers!

Second son of the Friedmann Friese Series: Freitag-Project, Venerdì is a solo card game in which you impersonate Robinson Crusoe’s trusted friend, just shipwrecked on your island. The goal of the game is to overcome the dangers that from time to time will put at risk Robinson’s life, represented by wooden counters. The final challenge is to face two pirate ships with the deck you will build during the course of the game.

Four Gardens – I Giardini d’Oriente is a game by Martin Doležal in which you’ll have to complete a series of panoramic views of various beautifully illustrated gardens. To do this, you will first need to place the cards that will act as foundations and then, depending on the cards, get the materials from the 3D pagoda. The pagoda can be rotated by the players and taking resources (or not letting your opponents take them) will test your skill in front of the gardens’ protective gods.

In Eclipse you’ll find yourself in control of a vast interstellar civilization, chosen among the seven available, competing for expansionist success. Each civilization has its own characteristics and unique abilities, thanks to which you’ll take advantage of the exploration of new star systems waiting to be discovered and colonized. No less important will be the roles played by scientific research in favor of new technologies and the construction of spaceships that will allow you to face wars on a cosmic scale. There are many roads that lead to success (and victory), so it will be essential to plan a strategy in relation to the strengths and weaknesses inherent in your civilization and living species, while constantly keeping the evolution of the opposing civilizations under control. Eclipse: Una Nuova Alba per la Galassia is a revised and revisited version of the original and now classic Eclipse, released in 2011.

In Whistle Mountain, by Scott Caputo & Luke Laurie, you’ll have to gather resources, manage workers and carefully arrange your machinery as you climb to the highest mountain peaks. Use resources to upgrade equipment and win the race for progress as the water level below you rises dangerously and puts your workers at risk!

Take on the role of a ranger and manage the animals in your park. Savannah park is a tile-laying puzzle game in which you must group as many animals as possible into a single herd and possibly around a waterhole. Watch out for bush fires and opponents, who can decide not only which animals you can move but also when!

The game includes several variations, including a solitaire mode.

In the game you will play the role of some astronomers who have been searching for Planet X (speculated to be the ninth planet in the solar system) since 2016. The main goal of the game is to find out in which sector of the board Planet X is hidden! During this investigation the role of astronomers will be to make observations and logical deductions useful in the search for the mysterious planet. All this will be done through a dedicated app that makes each game different from the previous one!

It also includes a solitaire mode.

In Suburbia you’ll have to plan, build and develop a small city in a large metropolis. Use the hexagon-shaped construction tiles to add residential, commercial, civil and industrial areas, as well as various points of interest, which will provide benefits and take advantage of the resources of nearby cities. Your objective will be to make your city prosper so that it can grow in population and beat your opponents!

Play with the characters from Sushi Go! in this dice version of the famous best seller! Load the conveyor belts with tasty sushi dishes, then pick one and pass the others! Earn points with winning combinations like two tempura or a set of sashimi. Grab a menu to Raise your dice or use chopsticks to trade with your opponents. And, of course, leave room for dessert! Score as many points as you can to win at Sushi Roll!

Simple rules and fast gameplay make this game a wonderful pastime.
Collect the vegetables from the garden and get rid of the artichokes as best you can: the first player to draw a hand without them wins the game!

Scegli uno dei monarchi disponibili, gestisci al meglio il tuo impero e le sue risorse, costruisci edifici commerciali e città, guadagnati il favore delle grandi personalità storiche brasiliane e resisti agli attacchi degli avversari per essere incoronato imperatore!


After the huge success on KS, Chronicles of Crime, the cooperative detective game, arrives in Italy, mixing the board game experience with app technology, with a touch of virtual reality. You and your team will investigate cases: you will move around the various areas of the city, questioning suspects and witnesses, looking for clues on 3D crime scenes!
The base game is composed of 6 scenarios (1 tutorial and 5 investigative cases) for a total of 6-8 hours of gameplay! Many more scenarios will be available soon!

The long-awaited Robinson Crusoe: Viaggio nell’Isola Maledetta is back. Created by the famous Ignacy Trzewiczek, the game will transport you to a desert island where, as castaways, you will live extraordinary adventures, face dangers and fight for your own survival.
This new edition includes a new rulebook, the additional King Kong scenario, stickers, game action summary, and new wooden pawns.
A cooperative game, also playable in solo mode, that will conquer you!

In the card game Gloom, you take control of the fate of an eccentric family of freaks and misanthropes. The purpose of the game is grim but simple: you must make the characters suffer the worst tragedies before they move on to the much-needed better life. You’ll play horrible cards like Chased by Poodles or Pissed by Munchkins on your characters to lower your Self-Esteem score as much as possible, while you’ll try to brighten up your competitors’ lives with weddings and other happy events that will accumulate on their positive scores. The player with the lowest Family Value wins the game.

You are the owner of a large company. Your objective will be to develop your city so that you can build all the Main Buildings before your opponents do.

In this cute card game you are the protagonists of a tasty sushi meal in a Japanese restaurant. You’ll have to try to create the best combinations of fish dishes, scoring points by accumulating sushi rolls, completing sashimi sets or maybe dipping nigiri in wasabi!

Welcome to the Sushi Go Party! You’re dining à la carte at the unmissable deluxe sushi party. Mega Maki, super Sashimi and Beans to no end in this extended version of the best-selling card game that has everyone hooked.

Evolution of popular Chinese games, Tichu is one of the most famous and appreciated “climbing card games” in the world, able to entertain and amuse people of all ages.

Find courage and enter the Forbidden Island (L’Isola Proibita)! Join a team of fearless adventurers on a life-or-death quest to find four sacred artifacts hidden in this dangerous paradise. Your team will have to work together and perform adrenaline-filled actions, since the island will start sinking with every step you take! Run to recover the artifacts and organize a spectacular escape before being swallowed by the depths of the abyss!