The world of Gloom is a sad and dark place. The skies are gray, the tea is cold, and new tragedies lie around every corner. Debts, disease, heart attacks, and whole herds of carnivorous rats, just when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, they inexorably do. But some say there is a reward in the afterlife based on the miseries endured in life. If so, then there is still hope, if not in this world, then in the one beyond…

Keith Baker
Michelle Nephew,          J. Scott Reeves

                       8+               60              2-5 

In Gloom’s card game, you take control of the fate of an eccentric family of freaks and misanthropes. The aim of the game is grim but simple: you must make the characters suffer the worst tragedies before they move on to the much-needed better life. You’ll play horrible cards like Chased by Poodles or Pissed by Munchkins on your characters to lower your Self-Esteem score as much as possible, while you’ll try to brighten up your competitors’ lives with weddings and other happy events that will accumulate on their positive scores. The player with the lowest Family Value wins the game.

Printed on Transparent plastic cards, Gloom features a totally innovative design. Multiple cards with modifiers can be played on the same character, and because the cards are transparent, the elements of the cards played first will still be seen even after you stack more cards. So you’ll immediately and easily see the value of each character, no matter how many modifications you’ve made to them.

Gloom: Morti Inquieti

Morti Inquieti is the expansion for the gloomy but funny card game Gloom, in which each player, controlling his own ‘particular’ little family, tries to kill its members in the saddest way possible.

Gloom: Dimore Affrante

With this expansion, you add 55 cards to those in the base box with new murky Modifiers, Events, and Sudden Deaths, as well as a new family: the artists of Le Canard Noir, whose artistic behaviors always end in disaster. Included you’ll also find five Residences, each to be placed next to their family at the start of the game. New cards, called Mysteries, will be included in the deck before you play. Mysteries are the only cards that can be placed on Residences, giving special effects and Pathos points that will contribute to Family Value.

Gloom: Spedizioni Infauste

This expansion introduces a new element to the game: Expeditions (intended as wilderness travel)!
Set the new Expedition cards apart. When you put a Premature Death Modifier with an Expedition symbol into play, resolve the card’s effects and then place that Expedition in the center of the board. The Expedition rules affect all players as long as they remain in play.
Still other cards have special effects that will only take place in the case of a particular Expedition.

Gloom: Ospiti Indesiderati

Gloom: Opsiti Indesiderati introduces new murky Modifiers, Events and Sudden Deaths, the Broken Arms Hotel and a Residence card for use with the Unhappy Homes expansion, as well as a new family, the malodorous Malone family.  Finally, you’ll find five new Characters called the Unseen Guests. These guests will attach themselves to the characters and follow them everywhere, to the point of being considered full-fledged family members. Even more strategy, therefore, with Gloom: Dimore Affrante and even more macabre fun!