Smash Up: Cessare e Desistere & A che pensavamo?


Cessare e Desistere & A che pensavamo?: two new expansions that can be played independently of the base box.
Start another epochal battle for the domination of the universe and have fun!

Paul Peterson
Artisti vari

                     2-4               45′              12+

Cessare e Desistere is absolutely not inspired by the great sagas of cinema and TV. So if you find factions that remind you of Transformers, Star Trek, The Iron Throne and Star Wars, know that any reference is purely coincidental. Or maybe not!

A che pensavamo? is an absurdly eclectic mix that even the authors don’t know how Rockers, Archaeologists, Grannies and Teddy Bears could have ended up together!
Deploy your factions and find out just how fierce a stocking stuffer Granny or Cuddly Bear can be!