Sushi Go!


In this cute card game you are the protagonists of a tasty sushi meal in a Japanese restaurant. You’ll have to try to create the best combinations of fish dishes, scoring points by accumulating sushi rolls, completing sashimi sets or maybe dipping nigiri in wasabi!

Phil Walker-Harding
Nan Rangsima

                       8+               15              2-5 

Sushi Go! uses the good card draft system already seen in Fairy Tales and 7 Wonders, making it accessible to anyone and playable in 20 minutes. Each turn, then, you must decide which cards to keep and which to pass. The different scoring combinations will allow you to make some nice combos, but also watch out for possible blocks. Round after round, you must also try to accumulate as much pudding as possible for the end of the game. Enjoy your meal!